"When I take on a client matter, it is with an unwavering commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve the best possible outcome. You have a trusted advisor standing by your side and the feeling everything will be okay."
Adam Leichtling
"I love the challenge of pursuing creative and innovative solutions to each client's legal problems. It's why I have passion for what I do."
Justin Prociv
"I love the challenge of the courtroom. It's not only my work; it's how I give back. Coaching the University of Miami's moot court teams has given me greater insight into the art of courtroom advocacy."
Jonathan Rosenn
"I believe success in litigation requires a thoughtful understanding of the client's needs and goals, strategic development of a plan to meet those goals, and implementation of that plan through a combination of creativity, flexibility, and tenacity."
Jan Timothy Williams
"Clients deserve more than a suit with litigation chops. In addition to aggressive representation, I strive to find cost-effective solutions to my clients' problems and I place honesty in the evaluation of their case before all else."